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Frequently Asked Questions

- How old does my child have to be to participate?

Limelight Players is open to children ages 7-18. A student must turn 7 by September 1 of the registration year. If your child is younger than that but excited about theatre, we welcome you to attend our shows and join us as members soon!

- How much is it to join Limelight Players?

There is a yearly $50 registration fee. It is $45 for each additional sibling. This fee includes all productions and workshops for the year!

- Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! Scholarships are available. At registration, you will fill out a scholarship application which will go to our board for approval. We ask for a $15 deposit at that time. You will receive the deposit back if your child is awarded a scholarship.

- What is the rehearsal schedule?

During the school year, rehearsals will be on Saturdays for two hours except for the week of performances when there will be evening rehearsals at Henderson Civic Theatre. For our larger Summer production, rehearsals will be in the evenings on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

- What takes place during auditions?

Auditions are cold readings from the script which means no preparation is needed! For a musical, directors will want to hear you sing any song. (Happy Birthday is fine!) 

- Can I register my child after the August registration event?

Absolutely! While we hold auditions for our first production that day, we are able to find a place for them backstage if they want to immediately become involved. They also have the option to attend any workshops and audition for the Spring production if they have a busy Fall (or vice versa).

- My child is interested in theatre but doesn't want to act. Can they still participate?

100%! We often have students who join Limelight because they love the community it creates but don't necessarily want to perform. They can be involved in many other areas of theatre that are not on stage.

Have a question that is not answered here?

Email us at or message us on Facebook.

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